Egalitarian | Macbeth Effect and the PWD

Most of the time, I am denied of access of the facilities provided for Persons with Disability like me. Last week was a wonderful week for the PWDs. A social media post created attention, even divided the netizens on their regard on the use of the PWD slot. In the video, father parked his car on the PWD space then hurried off to the mall while carrying his child.

The caption on the video reads, “having two kids does not make you a PWD.”

Then the spark happened. Instead of getting the message, some netizens sided in favor of the able-bodied father by calling out that very old cliché of “don’t judge the book” where which the netizens took up the cudgels to become warriors of the offender of the PWD right. They stood ground that the video just show half of the story, perhaps the kid is disabled, and perhaps the wife is a PWD, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Other netizens flatly defended by saying that those who do not understand the trouble of having two kids to carry are themselves totally insensitive.

Judge Tolentino and Robby Alabado took the high ground in educating the public on PWD rights. At least even in the use of the PWD parking slot will lead to greater understand of the concern of the disabled.

But where is this pure disregard of the concern of the disabled and the infirm coming from? The answer is the family. Because children are not used to seeing the disabled, they won’t know what a disabled person looks like until the kid sees one, and in public. Surprised by the uniqueness of the physical features, the child usually mutters out a query or lets out a smile.

The family plays the important role in imbibing in the children respect and recognition. When the parents rebuff their children when they start asking, children develop a mindset that the disabled will bring them trouble.

This mindset grows with them. The kid grows older and the regard for the disabled is further reduced. So you see them competing for the use of the elevators, PWD parking slot. It is competition, to fit in the world is to be strong not to be kind. The only when I “have much then shall I be kind” thinking.

We are imploding from the inside as a people. Very few people let in understanding for others. One has to compete in order to survive. One has to be strong in order to get a good life.

It always bothers me to hear people saying that in other countries the PWDs have special place in the bus, in the train, in the marketplace. Their government takes care of the PWDs. However, it would not need a PhD degree to understand the symbol for the PWDs placed at the front seat of the PUVs, at the parking areas. The government is full measures for the PWDs, it needs the public to implement them. Many people mistake the ramp in buildings for transfer of heavy stuff, some others conveniently use it as parking for their motorcycles.

Again, the discontinued disregard of the PWD’s concerns and needs only manifest the superiority thinking. Just because a person can do it, then he does it, dog –eat-dog rule. If there are no other vehicles in the PWD parking area, then might as well use it. People cry out for impunity but the brazen use of the PWD parking is clear case of impunity displayed by those who are at the best of their health.

The worst thing to happen is when others rest won’t mind the glaring disregard of the rights of the disabled, the weak, the infirm. It only proves that most of the people are not ready for a society more mature and more humane. Mature society starts working for the weak, the infirm, the disabled.

As I was told by Judge Tolentino, the PWDs are opportunities for individuals to become humane. An opportunity for the strong to be kind. The people who think for the concern of the PWD are the good stories of this society, the people who think for the greater welfare. Yet, there also are people who are strong reminders that the world is a constant struggle of the good and the bad. Those who denies, indifferent to PWD can quickly wash their hands. As they tend to clean themselves for their acts, the feeling of shame ever increased, and there is no better way to clean to alleviate guilt than to shift to become more caring and sensitive, after all, this is a mark of being educated. Surely, your parents will be very proud of you.

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