Egalitarian | Agree business: a dedication to the coolest dads

I wish to warn my readers that this article is dedicated to all the fathers albeit with a tenor of musing and fancy.

It was a wonderful Sunday. The world just celebrated the Father’s Day, and for all its intention, the Day was able to bring about the great feeling of fatherhood, making us more conscious of our responsibilities and our roles.

Last week, as if the world knows that we are cool, for most of the time they refer to us as the coolest dad. I could reckon last month, as Mother’s Day was celebrated, they also said that theirs is the hottest mom. Perhaps, without the intention to attach temperature levels on behavior, the gender orientation speaks also of the roles in the household.

Let us assume the reverse happened; fathers are the hottest and mothers are the coolest, then expect also functions within your home to change. Fathers, upon their partner’s arrival from work or someplace else, will do the litanies of chores need be completed before shifting to other tasks of preparing dinner.

Of course, the broadly exercised, the wife takes on the household chores with the able assistance of the husband. The wife commands and the husband followed, and for a command to be clear, it has to be loud and firm. When we initiate to complete household chores, our wives will re-do it; it does not fit to their tastes. So, we will just shut our lips, move a little back and observe how it is done in the hope we get it the next time. The next time became so frequent.

Hence, we develop the craft of household obedience; we develop the enterprise called “Agree Business.” This is to give credit also to my colleagues who wittingly coined the term. Let me explain the theoretical foundation and the practice of this philosophy.

Couples usually meet when they are already older, mature, and ready to take life on their own. Along this is the set of values and frame of mind the male and the female hold, muster and compromise while trying to settle for life.

Thus, at the instance, there is already power struggle. This power struggle continues throughout the marriage, and my colleagues agree that the power struggle in the household shifted. The wife is the power and the husband struggles.

This is traceable even in the affinity relationship. The father of my wife is my father-in-law, her mother is my mother-in-law, her siblings, my sisters, and brothers-in-law, but the foundation of the relationship is the wife, and my father-friends agree that our wives are the “law”. The good thing this offers is this make husbands, tatays, daddies, papsies, papas law abiding-citizens. Law and obedience are first exercised at home!

Household finances follow the agreed structure established by the wife and the husband. Driven by strong motivation and dedication to our wives and children, husbands follow use “ATM,” where which we all conform as “asawa tanan mokubra.” The fathers’ daily dose of nutrients has to be secured even in this arrangement, so the fathers worked on the so-called “RDA” or the Recommended Daily Allowance. An earmarked amount for lunch, snacks, and fuel or pamasahe. If a shortage becomes apparent, then husbands have to defend the deficiency through budget hearing.

Again, for this purpose, we developed a kind of art.

Truly marriage is a workshop; the husbands work and the wife shops. And as revenue is earned, we learned that the payslip means the pay goes to the wife, and the slip remains to the husband.

These we do because we deeply understand that for the household to be happy, our children happy, is to make our wives pleased as the saying goes, “a happy wife is a happy life.” We dedicate every minute of our life, every moment we can grab, with our undivided attention and unwavering love for our wives, our children, our grandchildren.

And I think this makes us the coolest fathers!

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