EDITORIAL|Breaking the stigma of psoriasis

THERE may be many out there suffering in silence. 

Although there is no actual number of people suffering from psoriasis, dermatologists from the Psoriasis Foundation of the Philippines said that this auto immune disease needs to be understood to break the stigma experienced by the patients.

Dr. Victoria Guillano, president PFP, said that this disease cuts across demographic class and could be genetic in nature as no clear cause of the disease is seen.  Although there is treatment, there is no cure.

Contrary to what people think when they see people with psoriasis, the disease is not contagious.  Although it is not life threatening, Guillano said that there are co-morbidities associated with the disease such as diabetes.  The organization is more focused on making people aware of the condition and encourage those who may be suffering in silence to come out and seek medical attention.

Dr. Liza Mae Lagaret said that patients have to deal with a lot of disappointments because of misinformation and misconceptions about the disease. A club that meets every first Thursday of the month has provided a strong support group to the patients.

On Oct 26, the world marks World Psoriasis Day with the theme “ Breaking Barriers For People With Psoriasis!” It is aimed at fighting prejudice, stigmatization and discrimination; raising awareness, understanding and hope, and; gaining access to proper diagnosis, treatment and improved quality of life.

The activities will be held at SM City Davao which will include a medical clinic for those who would want to be checked for skin disorders and psoriasis.

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