EDITORIAL| What now?

LAST WEEK saw a tragic end to 11 lives after the passenger van they were riding met an accident.

As a knee-jerk reaction, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board implemented a ban for passenger van servicing the routes north of the city.

Some quarters, particularly those operating the affected vans, questioned the logic of the ban, arguing that if a suspension is to be imposed, it should be on all routes. The argument is that in cases when other forms of passenger vehicles suffered the same fate in the past, what was suspended was the operation of the companies involved, not the routes.

Passengers, on the other hand, have no other choice but to accept the ban and use other transport systems like buses and jeepneys.

After the suspension of the routes, what will happen?

There is a need for government agencies concerned to look into not just the accident but the entire public land transportation system in general. As a start, these agencies must consider the fact that there was no passenger van in the past, but a market was eventually created mainly because there was dissatisfaction over the other public land transportation systems.

When the market started to become bigger, the concerned government agencies never looked into its status as they were just satisfied with how much they can collect from this new income stream.

As always, it is only when a tragedy happens that government agencies are awaken from their slumber.

Let the incident be another wakeup call to the authorities for them to do their job; not just another way of counting bodies and making knee-jerk reactions.

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