EDITORIAL| Vicious cycle

MAYOR Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio shot down the call of Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa to the police of the city for them to transfer to Caloocan City whose police unit has been embroiled in controversies.

The mayor said that, instead of looking for replacement from the city, dela Rosa should consider the units near Caloocan as replacement to its unit after its members were relieved for alleged misdemeanor.

She added that the city’s police units need to stay here as they are among those protecting the President.

Dela Rosa, on Monday, urged members of the local police to consider transferring to Caloocan City after its entire police force was dismissed following the reported murder cases that victimized minors. However, the country’s top cop, who hails from Davao del Sur, said his was not an order, but was a mere request.

However, dela Rosa may have called his statement a request, but because he is the one on top the organization, it is equivalent to an order.

In the past, when members of the uniformed personnel outside Mindanao committed mistakes, criminal in nature or otherwise, what the top brass would do was to transfer them to Mindanao as if the island was to be dreaded.

Dela Rosa’s request is nearly similar in nature because, aside from just letting those supposedly erring police officers suffer the consequences of their actions, they would just get replaced by those perceived as good ones.

Unless law enforcement agencies do not play a blind eye to the wrongdoings of their people, the perception that these offenses are ignored will continue to linger. It maybe difficult to punishing these erring personnel, but if the law enforcers want respect that is the only way to go.

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