EDITORIAL| Valid identification

AMONG the “must haves” for an individual in these uncertain times is a valid personal identification document that will ascertain that he or she is a legitimate and upstanding citizen of the country. This could be in the form of a government-issued card, a company or student ID, among others.

If one is employed or in school, it is assumed that one has a valid ID. But for the thousands of unemployed and out of school youth, producing a valid ID would be quite difficult. Those who are in the informal sector, the vendors who eke out a living selling farm produce, those with manual jobs paid by the day, or the farmers living in the hinterlands need help in procuring a valid ID.

Some might resort to illegal means just to be able to present a document to law enforcers.

Last Friday, Sr. Supt. Alexander Tagum said the police has monitored about 1,000 individuals who have acquired fake Identification cards from unscrupulous sources.

In this technology-driven times, generating a fake ID card is just one google search away. For the non-tech savvy, it is easy to walk to the downtown area and look for a shop that can do a remarkable replica of anything – even university diplomas.

In the climate of Martial Law, we expect police and military to be visible and intrusive especially with the “hold and secure” status of the city. The public is cautioned to be more mindful of their activities and to cooperate with authorities.

It’s been a week since Martial Law was declared in Mindanao. If an ID will help us get through this situation unscathed, then by all means, let’s try to get one.

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