EDITORIAL| Turning 71

ONE unbearably warm and humid afternoon this month, a friend dropped by the editorial office of this newspaper with nothing in mind but to say hello to the journalists who were by then pounding on computers beating the deadline. Since people were busy wrapping up their stories, the visitor was led to the archive section of the newspaper, the place we lure people for a little bit of time travel.

Flipping through the brittle and yellowed pages of the year 1968, the year she was born, we hurtled headlong, like Alice in Lewis Caroll’s book Through the Looking-Glass, back to the time when politicians were just grappling with the changes arising from the division of Davao, the arrival of former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos and his First Lady, labor unions demanding for a wage hike, squatters being dispersed and cases of corruption in the executive branch. Social issues that plagued them then continue to plague us now.

On that year, April 17 issue to be exact, the newspaper marked its 23rd year.

An anecdote of how the Times Beach was ‘discovered’ is a point in the city’s history. According to the article:  “One day in 1948, the tired staff members decided to take a swim and relax. Led by Torres (Guillermo E. Torres, owner and founder) who also acted as driver, the Timesmen went on an exploration of the beaches. As a result, they ‘discovered’ what is now knows as Times Beach.” There is a much raunchy anecdote of why it was named Times Beach but that tale is saved for another day.

Now, 48 years from 1968, Mindanao Times marks  its 71st anniversary. Established shortly after the war in 1946, it continues to tell the story of the city and its people, faithfully chronicling the tragedy, triumphs, landmarks and the common, daily grind of the famous as well as the obscure, nameless people who contribute to history.

Seventy-one years hence, we remain steadfast in our commitment to tell the story of the city and the region.

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