EDITORIAL| Transportation woes

IT WAS a sad morning yesterday when 10 passengers riding a van coming from Monkayo were killed and several others injured in a crash with a cargo truck heading to Davao del Norte.

It is when there is an incident like this when we ask government agencies to do something to prevent a similar event from happening or to blame the lax implementation of the law as the culprit to the tragedy. Allowing vans without license to ply the route is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Mayor Sara has already exhorted the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and Land Transportation Franchising Regulator Board (LTFRB) to crackdown on these illegally operating vehicles and terminals.

Even with the speed limit imposed in the city and the traffic police on the streets, many drivers do not seem to take these regulations seriously. Many PUJ’s continue to hog the road, stopping wherever and whenever to pick up passengers.

Vehicle crashes happen because drivers have no respect for fellow drivers on the road. Getting to their destination as fast as they can, without care for the safety of their passengers seem to be the norm. This is not the first case and it obviously won’t be the last.

Why do passengers patronize colorum vehicles? Is the fare cheaper?

The government agencies concerned have to study why there is a demand for vehicles like these. Or maybe they should really explore a new transportation system that will serve the needs of the changing lifestyle.

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