Editorial | Traffic education in schools

At the corner of Bonifacio street, schoolchildren huddled at the sidewalk, shoving each other when the signal light turned green, some attempting to cross the busy intersection. A concerned adult restrained the boisterous young crowd, telling them to wait for the “white man walking” before crossing the zebra stripes.

With the opening of the school year, the traffic situation is expected to be more challenging than usual with more people on the road especially during peak hours. There will also be more people on the streets, walking to the terminals or to other establishments before they head for home.

Considering how difficult it is to navigate our streets – no proper pedestrian lanes, and cars parked on the road – we fear that young kids will be more vulnerable to road injuries. Crossing the street has become dreadful as most children continue to play tag with vehicles, unmindful of the possible consequences of their actions.

Where do children learn to properly follow traffic rules?

The city council committees on education and public safety held a joint hearing to discuss a section of the Comprehensive Traffic Code of the city on the education information to drivers, pedestrians, school children, and the public in general.

Councilor Pilar Braga, chair of the committee on education, said that the intent of the hearing is to craft an ordinance building on the existing Traffic Code, to ensure children will be properly educated on traffic laws in schools, with the Department of Education as the lead agency. DepEd is expected to “harmonize best practices of all concerned agencies to come up with a module to be integrated into the curriculum.”

Braga was joined by Councilor Mabel Sunga Acosta, chair of public safety in working on a proposed ordinance to ‘Require the Teaching of Traffic Rules and Safety in Public and Private Schools in the City of Davao.’

If passed into local law and properly implemented, we hope to have a next generation who are fully aware of traffic laws and who will make our roads safer than ever before.

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