EDITORIAL| They must listen

IN the middle of the week, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio joined the call for the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to immediately lift its suspension of public utility vans plying the northern routes.

But the mayor, being a legal mind as well, knows that she can only make a request as the authority to act on the suspension is the LTFRB itself, not any other agency except when there is a court order.

In making the call, the mayor said that those drivers who depend on their occupation need to resume earning again because, in her words, “there were only a few (abusive drivers),” which it is very true.

The LTFRB decided to suspend the service to the routes north of the city after a passenger van suffered an accident that resulted in the death of 11 people. The accident was a result of a collision between the van and a cargo truck.

Unlike in the past when a company of the vehicle was the only one suspended, this time the agency suspended not just one route, but all for as long as these were to the north of the city, using a military principle of punishing all for a sin of one. However, even in the military, this is only done when no one among the member of the section is brave enough to admit who committed the mistake.

The sad thing about this action was that those drivers who make sure they ferry their passengers, and themselves, safely to their respective destinations were punished even when all they did was to follow the rule.

It is time for the agency to reconsider its decision, as well as consider the appeal of the mayor, as many of those relying mainly on their jobs have started starving.  They can stop the starvation and come up with better mechanisms to at least limit these accidents. Otherwise, they will be responsible for the impact of the situation that they have placed these drivers in.

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