EDITORIAL| The time is now

THE CONTINUES rains in most parts of the country that have resulted in disasters not only indicate the reality about climate change, but the vulnerability of the areas to floods, landslides and other related problems.

The problem is more pronounced in the urban centers, as government offices, malls, hotels and other places where people converge become ponds as water could not flow out mainly because of poor drainage system and some of these places are really low compared with sea level.

In rural areas, on the other hand, landslides become the biggest burden even of thinly populated places, aside from the destroyed infrastructure facilities, many of these built in substandard way. Hills cascade as no big trees could hold the water either from rivers or as a result of heavy downpour.

In all these problems, although there are really exceptions, the main culprit is not just the neglect but the very corrupt practice of officials who usually line up their pockets when big infrastructure projects are approved, instead of ensuring that implementation of these projects are to the letter.

Another huge cause is the seeming indifference of both the public and the officials to climate change, taking for granted scientific studies, or simply putting off for tomorrow in addressing vivid signs that need to be immediately responded to.

Simply put, the situation has not been addressed because of greed and simple neglect. So, both the public and the officialdom should take these events, as we have been harping on since time immemorial, as an urgent reminder.

The biggest problem sometimes is that the people usually wait for government to address even the most basic of issues like garbage disposal. In villages for example, most residents will wait for announcement of government before they go into segregating their wastes. And even when they are warned that they could be punished for not doing so, they will just wait until they get caught before doing it, or worse, before they go begging to be spared from the penalty.

There is already a grave situation, but if the people and their government will continue dragging their feet in addressing it, then tomorrow may not be another day.

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