Editorial | The strongest link

THE BARANGAYS are provided with immense powers under the Local Government Code that most government services are under its purview. It is the basic government unit that residents should go to for whatever form of public service they seek.

Education and information on government services and the implementation of policies – from local to national, could only happen if barangays fulfill its functions as mandated by law. Its strength lies in the fact that they have stronger connections with residents and can summon or compel them to be part of the barangay’s activities.

Government campaigns, not to mention elections, are inutile without the support of barangay officials. Any program from civic organizations and nongovernment organizations pass through the barangay hall because it is assumed that the local officials know what is best for the community or, on the other side, what the community needs.

This is the reason why we think the “Ugnayan sa Barangay,” a fire prevention campaign that will be launched by the Bureau of Fire and Protection, will somehow lessen fire incidents in the city.

It is sad enough that most of the fire incidents happen in urban poor communities, sadder still that they could not even bring some precious belongings when they flee from the raging inferno which often happens in the evening.

The project enables BFP personnel to reach out to the communities and educate them on the hazards so that fire can be prevented. In residential areas, BFP reports that the cause is usually electrical short circuit.

Creating a Barangay Fire Brigade to act as first responders in any incident is very doable. Trained local people can immediately respond to any calamity while waiting for other agencies to arrive at the scene.

We believe in the capacity of the barangays to make a difference in the lives of its consituents.


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