EDITORIAL| The food we waste

IN RESTAURANT and fastfood chains in the city, many diners leave barely untouched food on the table obviously ordering more than they can eat. I some fastfood chains, only a glass wall separates the diners from the hungry children waiting for scraps.

It is such a shame that so many children go to sleep hungry yet food is being wasted both during production and during its consumption which happens when we throw out food we cannot consume.

According to a research done by Aarhus University in Denmark, food waste is generated from different causes in different parts of the world. In poor countries, waste often takes place during harvesting and transportation. The lack of good postharvest facilities and farm to market roads affect the farmers’ produce so when it arrives in the market, almost 30 percent are thrown out as waste.

In the study, developed countries have “downstream” problems which result to about 30 percent of household food thrown out.

Our parents often tell us to “clean our plate” or to get only enough food that we can consume. But with the rise of tempting buffets that trap us in a sensory overload, we cannot help but fill our plates to brimming and leave a mound of leftovers.

Hunger in the world, or even in our city is real. Raising awareness on food wastage is one step in curbing hunger, in our simple way. Change, after all, begins with us.

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