EDITORIAL| Tapping renewable energy

SPEAKING at the forum on renewable energy, Sen. Loren Legarda made it clear that the Philippines need more energy but not at the cost of destroying the environment.

We take the liberty of printing excerpts from her speech yesterday:

“Coal is definitely not cheap. Coal affects our health, kills biodiversity and the environment, affects our waters, pollutes the air we breathe and increases the risk of climate change. If we input all of these in the cost of coal, we can no longer say that coal is cheap.

 “As a developing nation, the Philippines needs more energy, but it cannot be “we need power at all costs and we will develop at all costs.”

 “Why do places with no renewable energy resources have more RE than us? Germany is known as the solar capital of the world, but only receives half the sunlight of the Philippines. In Europe, they are scaling down on coal, while the Philippines has approved 21 new Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECC) for coal as of 2015.

 “The sustainable development-energy nexus requires an urgent examination of how we can tap on the power of innovation and new technologies to provide for the energy we need in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

“What is the potential of renewable energy for the Philippines?

“The major forms of RE being utilized in the country today are geothermal, hydro, biomass, solar and wind.  Ocean energy is also currently being developed, although not yet in use.

“We are a country rich in renewable energy, the amount of sun and wind is more than enough to power our entire country many times over, and we must take greater steps to harness these abundant natural resources to ensure a sustainable future.”

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