Editorial | Sustain the momentum

Early this month, the city government launched its Peace 911 initiative in Paquibato, a known lair of the rebels.

In her speech during the event, Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio urged the residents to join the government in ensuring that projects under the program are embraced and protected.
“Whatever Peace 911 brings to you, accept it, protect it, think of it as your own for peace and development of your district here in Paquibato,” the mayor said.

The mayor signed an executive order for the program which serves as the successor to the
Davao City Advisory on Peace and Development, her initiative for peace and development of the city’s hinterlands, among them the most remote and are known for being influenced by the rebels.

This new program will serve as the initiative of the city government not only in ensuring peace and economic growth in the areas, but also as a way to helping the communities understand that the government has not forgotten them.

In order for the people to understand – as well as believe – that the government is serious in its desire to help them, it must double its efforts in both the tangible help as well as in explaining to them what is in store for them when they cooperate. The efforts may even resonate with those fighting against it.

The national government should also look into this initiative and if successful must expand its reach so that other areas can also be helped.

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