EDITORIAL| Survey on traffic

THE STATE of our traffic is an emotional issue. In the past months, we experienced what people in Manila are dealing with on a daily basis. What once was a 30-minute ride became two hours or more, something that was hard for us to imagine not too long ago. The many instances of landslide along Diversion Road worsened the traffic situation and it has become unbearable to the point that people begin to think traffic congestion is the new norm for the city.

The Institute of Public Opinion of the University of Mindanao conducted a survey last October to check the perception of people on what caused the road congestion. In the survey, 8 out of 10 Dabawenyos consider infrastructure projects in many parts of the city to contribute to the worsening traffic. This means that although ongoing construction in many parts of the city indicate development, the city at the same time cannot absorb the effects of such projects . The impact then is on the slow movement of traffic.

In the survey, majority of the respondents (81 percent) said that the ongoing construction in main thoroughfares worsens traffic. It was also observed that only half of the respondents believe that the convenience of the public is considered in ongoing constructions.

Only 58 percent of the respondents think that contractors consider public security and safety and 9 percent believe that contractors do not think of the security of the public. Also, 55 percent of the respondents believe there is coordination between the city government and the private contractors. We can only surmise that the rest of the respondents believe more coordination between government and private contractors is needed to ease road congestion as a result of the diggings.

So how does the public generally view the traffic situation? The survey said nine in 10 Dabawenyos accept the fact that this is a normal occurrence of a growing City and 8 in 10 Dabawenyos believe the need to do necessary sacrifice. Other factors were also considered such as the growing number of vehicles on the road and the behavior of the riding public.

We are certain that once infrastructure projects are finished, traffic won’t be as bad. Not unless they start digging again.

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