Editorial: Such brazen attack

Our city is one of the safest in the country. We are proud of our police force that is so ubiquitous in vital infrastructures and on the streets. Crime rate is low and we are all secured in the knowledge that the city had to pull out all the stops to keep us safe.

Then, yesterday happened. Lawyer Wilmer Donasco was shot three times at close range inside his vehicle by a gunman aboard a motorcycle. He was able to duck and sustained wounds from the glass shards of his vehicle. What sent chills was that it happened just in front of the office of the Highway Patrol Group and the Hall of Justice where police officers, lawyers and civilians mill around, and the possibility of arrest and identification is highly probable.
The Integrated Bar of the Philippines Davao Chapter called it a “brazen attack.”
IBP-Davao president Rogelio Largo in a statement issued shortly after the attack urged police authorities “to investigate with dispatch the said murder attempt on the life of Atty. Donasco. Nothing less than the identification and prosecution of the gunman and his principals could allay the fears of lawyers for lives as they continue to advocate for the cause of their clients.”
Two days earlier, on Monday, lawyer Connie Villamor was also shot to death in broad daylight in Tagum City.
Lawyers, Largo said, “need an environment that is conducive for legal practice – an environment where we only worry about the results of the cases we handle for our clients, and not about our safety or security or that of our loved ones.”
We are certain that Davao’s finest will get to the bottom of the attack using the vast resources under its disposal. Getting justice for the slay attempt will send a strong message often articulated by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte – “criminals have no place in the city.”

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