Editorial | Stop complacency

THE ISSUE that has hounded Boracay is not limited to the island, which a CNN Travel article in January described as “the most alluring island paradise in the Philippines.”

Although the article was on the premier accommodations in the island, it also managed to squeeze in the sentence that it has a “five-kilometer white beach.”

Just a month after the article, President Rodrigo R. Duterte described the island as a “cesspool” as he ordered businesses on it to immediately shape up in six months or he will order that it be closed down.

Understandably, the President’s warning did not sit well with businesses as they complained that it was too drastic and that they be given enough time to comply with violations that they have committed which led to the state of the island at present.

Instead of ranting about the order of the President, these businesses should immediately take steps in addressing the issues that they are facing as they have been so complacent. After all, the fact remains that they committed violations.

In simple terms, they did not only cheat government for violating the laws, they also shortchanged their customers who paid huge amounts just so they could experience a piece of the island.

Again, since other tourist destinations, particularly those in Mindanao, also face the same problems, both businesses and their host local government units must address them. They must not wait for the President to issue a similar order, or it would be too late for them to arrest the issues.


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