EDITORIAL| Simple rules

IT IS about time the city government close down the night market at the Roxas Boulevard.

A press statement from the city government said Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio ordered City Traffic and Transport Management Office chief Rhodelio Poliquit to close down the night market.

In her order, the mayor said what prompted her action was a “number of violations and complaints” that have reached her office.

Among these complaints were that vendors refused to follow one-family, one-stall rule; insisted on preferential locations; stalls run by financiers but managed by dummies; some of them sub-leasing their stalls to others; some even insisted selling products even if they were not among those listed as official sellers.

“The vendors must follow our rules. It is not the other way around. If they cannot follow the rules, I will never reopen the night market,” she said in the statement, adding that even when the city government earned from their operations, vendors “need to follow the rules.”

The mayor must be supported in this move because the operations of the night market have not only led to the chaos that the traffic congestion has brought especially during the hours when traffic is heaviest, but some unscrupulous individuals – those people who have more in their lives – have used it for their money-making ventures at the expense not just of the legitimate small vendors, but also of the city government.

The vendors and those who support them may argue that the move will take away from them their livelihood, but if they cannot follow the simple rules, they do not have the right to demand attention from the city government.

In the first place, when the city government allowed them to use the street for their goods, it was goodwill on its part. It is within the authority of the government to take away the goodwill simply because the vendors showed they cannot follow even simple rules.

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