EDITORIAL| School opens with the same problems

THIS is the last week of summer. It has been a long, hot season for young children who have grown a little taller and yes, a little wiser. Most of them can hardly contain their excitement to go back to school to see their classmates again, and tell stories of how they spent their vacation. There will be others who will not be as lucky.


We put much value in education. Parents work their fingers to the bone just to give their children the opportunity to go to school to have a better life than what they have now. Many have succeeded to pull their family out of poverty through education despite the many difficulties they have to go through to finish a degree. Education, after all, is the great leveler.

The educational system has flaws and even the K to 12 program continues to be criticized. Our public schools suffer from the perennial lack chairs, books and teachers yet, we have always tried to make the best out of our limited resources. This is not to say that we no longer have to pound on the doors of government to acquire these basic educational needs.

Government should definitely address the problems in the educational system. But it is equally important to bear in mind that our education, especially public education, is not in place so graduates can serve as skilled labor in other countries.

We do not want to subsidize the education of millions of Filipinos who will only later on use their expertise and talents in rich countries – as we are doing now.

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