EDITORIAL| Ring of Fire

IT LOOKS like the so called “Ring of Fire” is now active and acting with the ongoing upheaval of Mother Nature in Nepal with an earthquake and in Chile, with a volcanic eruption. If you look at the global map, an arching swathe of land by the sea which includes the Philippines is called “ring of fire” because these countries sit on top of the earth’s core that convulses from time to time.

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So let’s expect and prepare ourselves for some ground turbulence at any given time. They are nature’s natural ways.

There’s an upside to calamity-prone areas in the ring of fire. Due to periodic upheavals from the bowels of the earth and the movements of tectonic plates in the earth’s crust, precious metals like gold, silver etc. are produced and pushed up near the surgace of the earth.

That’s the reason why our lands are spewing precious minerals formed and aged over millions of years of extreme pressure and friction of the shifting earth’s plates.

God indeed has a way of compensating and balancing the phenomena in His Divine plan of things.

But the question is, how prepared are we when an earthquake of, say for instance, a 7.9 magnitude happens?

We recall the devastation of the quake in Bohol and other islands in the Visayas in 2013. It was terrifying for the people, more so in the days that followed when they were gripped in constant fear of the aftershocks. Some historic monuments were turned to rubble, never to be seen again.

Continured drills on disaster preparedness is necessary for countries in the ring of fire. There is no time to be complacent.

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