EDITORIAL| Right step

LAST Friday, AirAsia Philppines launched the resumption of its Davao-Manila service and it has been flying three times a day since then. Its chief executive officer, lawyer Josephine Joy D. Caneba, said the company is considering the increase in the service, but this will be very much dependent on whether it will be supported both by the government and the local business sector.

Aside from meeting with government officials headed by Tourism Director Roberto P. Alabado III, Caneba also spoke before the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry members during their general membership meeting where she emphasized the commitment of the airline to service the route.

Again, no matter how committed the company if support from both the government and the private sector is wanting, at the end of the day it is its cash flow which will determine the viability of the service.

Also, even if the regional office of the Tourism department is committed to support it, if the national government shuts down the funnel of money to its regional arm, nothing will still happen.

The good thing is that the government seemed to have slowly recognized the fact that in order for the economy to grow, it must spend money not only in refurbishing its main airport, but in ensuring that provincial airports receive the development that they deserve.

It has also apparently considered the promotions of the tourism potentials of areas outside the usual spots with the goal of influencing travelers to consider them as their destinations aside from the traditional ones.

Although there is still a huge work to be done in order to ensure that the provinces get the support for their tourism activities, it is also worthy to recognize that the national government has deviated from the mindset that only the traditional destinations can catch the attention of the foreign tourists.

And this is a step in the right direction; sustaining this will eventually result in better economy for the country in general.

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