Editorial | Reflections after elections

The complete set of new barangay and SK officials will be known before Friday, but we expect the winning and losing candidates to do their share in cleaning their communities of propaganda materials that have been an eye sore for the past two weeks.
Huge tarps and posters plastered just everywhere, some of them obviously violating the election law, have made our communities dirty. We want our clean walls and posts back – and if these walls could only speak, they’d have been screaming since Day 1 of the campaign period to take the posters off their faces.
It is time for those who joined the elections, whether they lost or won, to buckle down to work and start looking at their accounting ledgers and computing their statement of campaign expenditures to ease snags they might face in the future. Computing campaign expenses and analyzing where it went is a good exercise for all the candidates, especially those who want to have a career as an elected official. To the candidates who won without resorting to vote buying, we salute you and hope that your victory will show others that a clean and honest election is possible.
Mayor Sara Duterte has obviously seen the machinations of those who resorted to dirty tactics during the campaign period. In a statement, she said that “vote buying, flying voters, harassments, and other fraudulent schemes meant to subvert the will of the people,” were noticeably present. She blames this to the “antiquated system that we use in the registration of voters and in casting our votes.”
In the midterm elections next year, we hope the Commission on Elections will have modernized the electoral process to minimize fraud and ugly rumors of cheating. With the technology that we have, certainly, we expect the next one to be smoother and cleaner.

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