Editorial | Ratified!

DURING Monday’s State of the Nation Address, President Rodrigo Duterte vowed that “when the approved version is transmitted and received by my office… Give me 48 hours to sign it and ratify the law.”

At 4:30 p.m. yesterday, both the House and the Senate ratified the Bangsamoro Organic Law, one day late but nonetheless welcomed. It was supposed to be ratified Monday morning so that Pres. Duterte could sign it into law before the SONA set later that afternoon.

To douse possible tension as a result of the non-ratification, Peace Adviser Jesus G. Dureza issued a statement Monday afternoon explaining why the Bangsamoro Organic Law was not ratified before the SONA, as envisioned. He said “the failure to ratify is unfortunate but it had nothing to do with the BOL itself. It was due to some leadership issues internal to the House of Representatives.”

He explained that the “BOL’s non-ratification came when the House suddenly adjourned and had nothing to do at all with some substantive issues of the proposed law.” It was a “collateral damage,” Dureza said, “to an internal leadership issue in the House.”

The ouster of Davao del Norte 1st District Representative Pantaleon Alvarez as House Speaker and the assumption of former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to the position seems to inject a new vitality in Congress.

Speaker Arroyo has told media yesterday that her “primary and specific objective … is to carry out the legislative agenda of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. And that means for today, we must get the Bangsamoro Organic Law ratified.”

And it was ratified, indeed.

We will be expecting the BOL to be signed by Pres. Duterte before the week ends. As he vowed to do.

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