EDITORIAL| Quick response

THE NIGHT sky in Lanang turned fiery red Monday night as firefighters battled the fire that ate a plastics firm and other business firms in Barangay Pampanga.

When the six-hour fire ended at close to midnight, fire investigators pegged the estimated loss at P35 million. The fire started at the Southern Agro Export Corporation (Sagrex) at Km. 9, Barangay Pampanga at 5:10 pm and the Bureau of Fire Protection said the call went through Central 911 at 5:25. The first of the firefighters arrived on the scene three minutes later.

There were five nearby establishments partially damaged and some firefighters suffered first and secondary degree burns but were later reported out of danger.

It took only minutes for our firefighters to respond to a devastation that had the potential of wiping out more establishments in this zone of the city. We laud the firefighters and all the men and women who worked to provide speedy information and technical support to the responders. We are proud of our well-trained Central 911, the institution that has helped make the city one of the most disaster-responsive local government units in the country.

According to the news report on the fire (page 2), fire investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire. Like the rest of the Davawenos, we would like to know what triggered the conflagration so we can be more aware and compliant to laws and regulations on averting disasters such as this. Considering that the area is one of the more industrialized part of the city, we fear the damage could be greater and could have hurt the local economy.

Our Central 911 is one of the institutions in place that we are proud of.

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