Editorial | Punish the responsible

Last weekend, commuters endured as floods hit some parts of the city which rendered many of the roads impassable.

In going to the north, it took some vehicles about three hours to wade through a portion of the road as floods were knee deep and that some vehicles were submerged as the current were strong. This created a huge traffic as flow of vehicles stagnated.

What has aggravated the situation was the implementation of key infrastructure projects, among them national government-funded through its “Build, Build, Build” initiative.

In previous floods in the city, however, those who suffered the most were those in their houses, some of them had to climb onto their rooftops just to save themselves and their properties.

At present, the city government is renovating the drainage system as it is looking at coming up with other alternative solutions.

So that there will be a comprehensive solution to the problem, the city government must coordinate with the national government in crafting a long-term mechanism key to solving the problem.

But more than that, government agencies must also look into the existence of housing projects in flood-prone areas and evaluate the problem. Again, there must be an alternative to the situation, either by coming up with a better way of preventing the floods, or by uprooting these houses and transfer them to other better places.

In implementing the solution, the government must look at the accountability not only of those behind the projects, but also of those who allowed them to exist.

Unless the problem is addressed in a most comprehensive way – as well as those responsible are punished – it will never go away.

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