EDITORIAL| Political will

THE ISLAND Garden City of Samal has been placed on the spotlight for the wrong reason even when it is supposed to be the center of tourism for the region.

Last month, a group of armed men abducted three foreigners and a Filipina even when the resort they were staying was considered among the best in the island city. What was startling was that the city government never made any concrete statement as to what it has done or what it would do to prevent any similar occurrence.

This scene was similar to what happened in 2001 when armed men attacked Pearl Farm that killed a worker of the resort.

This is not to blame the officials of the island city, but being officials of a tourist destination, they must always be on the lookout for anything that may dampen the spirit of visitors. Someone among them should always wear his or her political will on his or her sleeve to ensure that its economic backbone will not be put in peril.

This is not also to say that they are not doing anything, but the fact remains that, despite being the main destination for tourists, the city still lacks the key infrastructure facilities as well as the policies needed to make it truly attractive.

One lamentable fact is that the island city does not have reliable water and power systems needed to ensure that visitors will not have anything to gripe on. These are two basic needs of a city like Samal, and for it to grow into a key destination, it must be able to assure its people and the visitors that it has the facilities.

Also, other than its war with resort owners on its banning of jetty construction, it has not come up with specific policies that will regulate the entry of people. For example, on weekends, people could visit the city anytime which allows some of these visitors to do anything, including committing crimes.

Policies are important for a young city so that when it matures, it has the elements needed to spur its continued growth as well as those that needed to fight possible problems. And this can only result in leaders with political will.

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