EDITORIAL| Political will

TO COMMON people, assistance is usually beneficial. If someone provides a mendicant with a piece of bread, the giver knows that the receiver does not need to repay him or her in return.

In the geopolitical order, however, those countries or groups of countries or organization that provide help will always have a reason, whatever the form is, for helping. In some instances the reason is openly known, while there are cases that these are hidden and even detrimental to those who receive the help.

In her article for the World Economic Forum (www.webforum.org) in October 2015, Ana Swanson quoted Nobel Prize in economics winner Angus Deaton as having posited that most of the times, foreign assistance hurt those who were supposed to receive the help.

Deaton, an economist at Princeton University who went to India and South Africa to study poverty, concluded that while trying to help developing countries, those providing help were corrupting those that they were helping by imposing conditionalities that would not only bastardize their own principles, but also push their peoples to the wall of dependency.

In providing assistance, these countries or groups always make sure that the bulk of the help, usually in the form of funding, goes to their people in the forms of salaries. In simple terms, the assistance is a form of an employment system for consultants and executives of these groups.

It was not surprising at least to those who know him that President Rodrigo R. Duterte decided to say no to the assistance of the European Union as this group of countries has been vocal in opposing his campaign against illegal drugs.

The move of the President shows political will, something that his predecessors failed to show during their terms. To argue that his action is wrong is to be presumptuous.

Let history judge President Duterte. After all is said and done, it is the duty of the President to show to his people that he has what it takes to be a leader of a nation yearning to have one.

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