EDITORIAL| Opportune time

A TEAM of about 50 business executives representing about British 30 companies arrived in the city yesterday to look for opportunities that they can explore.

Headed by British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Ahmad, the visitors listened to representatives both of government and the private sector in a briefing held at the Damosa Topaz Tower. They also visited key facilities like the Public Safety and Security Command Center and the Floirendo-owned Davao International Container Terminal in the nearby Panabo City, Davao del Norte.

The visit of this group of business executives followed the visit of other foreign trade missions to the city as it and other areas in Mindanao have been drawing attention from both local and foreign capitalists who want to join the bandwagon of investors in Mindanao now that the President is from in this part of the country.

It is, therefore, imperative, for both the government and the private sector in Mindanao to come up with a stronger bond for the visitors to notice how cohesive they have become in promoting the island not only to this group of capitalists, but to everyone else.

The local business sector, for example, must be able to open its arms to these people for, after all, it is the one which is expected to gain much from the ventures that they might go into. These people will definitely need local partners who know the local scene and who can help them grow their capital.

The government, on the other hand, needs to come up with policies that will help the visitors feel they are welcome. However, it must always consider that any policy that it will formulate must not put the majority of the people, the poor, in the disadvantaged position.

It is never wrong to put the best foot forward for as long as this results in benefits that the majority will eventually reap.

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