EDITORIAL| New phase

LAST WEEK, the Philippine government, particularly the uniformed personnel, has started to look into the rehabilitation phase of Marawi City which has been razed to the ground after five months of intensive fighting.

Both the government and non-government organizations (NGOs) have also been preparing to start the rehabilitation process which even top planners believe would take years to complete.

Initially, the people of the city, at least those who want to return home, will need shelters and food, while children will need schools so that they can start feeling the normalcy needed to ensure that trauma will start to disappear.

Houses, offices, places of worship and other infrastructure facilities, however, are easier to set up. It will only need funding both from government and the international community for these to be built.

What is hard to bring back is the state of normalcy among the people, especially the children who have witnessed, in their very tender ages, the impact of war that they never prepared for. The war will continue to haunt them especially deep into the night, unless there is an intensified intervention from experts.

In this regard, what is necessary is for those who want to help toil for the rehabilitation of the destroyed city to come up with a comprehensive method to start the healing process, especially for children. Not only that they need roofs above their heads, they also need to feel that they are in a better place.

More than the physical infrastructure, it is the human component which needs to have a better focus to ease the burden of those suffering from the destruction. Above all, this will help prevent the repeat of the catastrophe.

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