EDITORIAL| Nature’s wrath

JUST after the long dry spell that started late last year which devastated crops in nearly all parts of the country, here comes La Niña.

Based on the definition of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical Services Administration, La Nina, characterized by cool ocean surface temperatures in the Pacific, may take place before the end of the year as the El Nino continues to weaken.

The dry spell, which started late last year, resulted in millions of pesos in damages as crops wilted before they could be harvested. However, the government is very slow to react that farms were rendered useless even before interventions could be implemented.

The problem is that there were accusations that the national government used the fund for El Nino to court votes for its favored candidates. Fortunately, even when the accusations were true, it did not succeed in having its anointed presidential candidate win the race.

The damage that the climate brought to the humanity could not be quantified. For example, in South-Central Mindanao when farmers protested, some of them ended up dead. There is no way to quantify that tragedy.

Now comes La Nina, but the government has not taken any steps to cushion its impact. Of course, the outgoing administration would always say that it is up to the incoming one to find ways on how to mitigate the problem. But sincere people do not wait, they take immediate steps to ensure that the ordinary people will be able to wade through the problem.

The incoming administration must make climate change adaptation a priority because drastic measures are needed to ensure that its impact to the ordinary people will be minimal.

The government should change its tact in relation to dealing with the wrath of nature. Otherwise, the same old problems will surface.

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