Editorial | Love, actually

THE UNIVERSITY of Mindanao Institute of Popular Opinion came out with a very interesting survey in this love month. The institute surveyed a total of 1,200 Dabawenyos to determine the state of “together and forever,” conducted in the three districts of Davao City on Jan. 31 to Feb. 8, 2018.

Out of 100 Dabawenyos, there are 59 who are engaged in a romantic relationship, half of which are married. But times are indeed changing. Many remain single, happy and choose to be this way. The pressure that usually follows those who do not have romantic entanglements may no longer be applicable in this day and age. They are single and contented.

The survey said that the main reason for those who chose to be single is that they are more focused on their career (43 percent); they are supporting family so they have no time for relationships (38 percent); not interested in anyone (34 percent); recovering from previous break-up (21 percent), and; happy with friends (21 percent).

Those who are very conscious of how they look, spending so much time, effort and money to improve their physical appearance are in for a letdown. The survey said that the least consideration for those who are looking for a life-time partner is physical beauty (28 percent). Maturity (88 percent) trumps beauty, the survey says.

Since career is high on the list of most respondents, it follows that those who want to settle down wants to be financially stable (72 percent). Even if most young people are free to make their own decisions, the age-old tradition of seeking parental or filial approval remains important for 58 percent of the respondents. The male respondents even go to lengths of courting the parents first before expressing their affection to their daughter.

Intelligence is attractive. For many respondents, finding someone who can keep them on their toes is desirable. When one thinks about love in facts and figures, it seems that one can never go wrong in choosing a partner. But this is usually not the case.

Love, as written by poets and lyricists, comes like a thief in the night and blinds lovers in that special instant of awareness. It is that fatal look across a crowded room, it is the anxiety and despair of ill-fated lovers that Shakespeare speaks of.

Love comes and the heart knows.


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