EDITORIAL| Keeping cool under too much heat

THE HEAT has been quite unbearable for the past months compounded with the long El Niño which has already wrought havoc on our agriculture and threatened the food security of the people. Forecasts done by Pagasa harbor no respite from the heat in the next few weeks.  With summer already here, we should be prepared for  the worst.

In this kind of weather,  young children, elderly and those who are sick, become very vulnerable to the effects of the heat. Over exposure to sun is dangerous, especially those who play under the sun for long periods or who stay on the beach without protection from harmful UV rays.

There has been no warning coming from the health department so far but we should always be mindful of the possibilities of heatstroke, dehydration or any disease that result from this kind of extreme weather. However, measures can still be taken to prevent the effects of the high temperature we are experiencing now.

Since the children are mostly at home, we can ask them to keep out of the heat as much as possible; keep  body cool and drink regularly; seek medical advice as much as possible.

We wonder if there is a health plan to prevent the adverse effects of the warm weather.  Even if this does not sweep villages in one stroke, it will take its toll on the vulnerable sectors and those who are already in the margins, like the urban poor settlers who are living in cramped, tight and unsanitary conditions.

Just like the heatwaves in European countries that have caused deaths, we should take precautions to keep cool under the unbearable heat, seriously.

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