Editorial | Intensify the cleansing

THERE was a news report that came out over the weekend about the involvement of eight members of the anti-illegal drug enforcement unit of the Muntinlupa City police in a kidnap-for-ransom case.

Based on the report, the chief of the National Capital Region Police Office Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar relieved the eight as four of them have been arrested, while the others have remained at large.
The report claimed the cops detained a woman and her seven-year old son as an offshoot of an operation against illegal drugs.
After the arrest, they asked the relatives of the victims to pay P400,000 in exchange for their release. Aside from detaining the victims, the cops allegedly brought with them personal belongings of the family.
Unfortunately for them, the partner of the woman sought the help of a law enforcement unit to entrap them and this resulted in the arrest of the four.
The sad part about this story, and similar other stories recently, was that it happened even when the national government decided to increase the salaries of the members of the police force in its efforts to at least prevent them from engaging in illegal activities. Starting in January, a police officer 1 has been receiving twice as much as his or her previous salary.
Of course, criminals are not prevented from doing their illegal activities because they have more in life. Case in point, most often, those who commit crimes are those who are wealthy and in power, as the poor only commit the petty ones.
It is, therefore, a challenge now on the top brass of the police to institute programs to rid their ranks of scalawags whose number may be small, but can bring down the force to level unimaginable. Now is the time because the situation is fit.
Otherwise, it will be too late, again.

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