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DAYS after the start of the implementation of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, a viral picture of a woman holding signboards of her destinations went viral in social media as the law prohibits public utility vehicles from displaying their signboards in the supposed line of sight.

Then another picture also went viral: a jeepney displayed its signboard in front of the vehicle without impeding the line of sight.

Although both pictures may be fruits of frustrations – who would know whether these were designed to mock the law – both also depicted how one can innovate to fight his or her frustration or, at least, deal with it in a better and easier way without burdening himself or herself.

The good thing is that those who are getting affected by the law, although not of their making, have taken in stride its impact even when some of its provisions are outright stupid, to say the least. This is unlike some of those who crafted the law –as well as those who created the guidelines – who want the people to suffer by confusing them.

Of course, stupidity is the likely opposite ingenuity.  One must remember that law enforcers had to rethink of its implementing rules and regulations because they would not become effective in implementing it. Even with a longer time in revising the rules, the result was still lazed with stupid provisions.

To conclude that it would have been better for the hoi polloi to craft the law rather than allowing the country’s highest legislature to do it, is an understatement. Some members of Congress, with due respect to those who are worth their positions, are elected because of their surnames, not because of their knowledge in crafting the laws. Otherwise, the country would not have laws that become irrelevant even for shortest periods.

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