EDITORIAL| Honoring the tribes

TODAY is one of the two key days in the celebration of the Kadayawan festival, an event designed to honor the 11 tribes of the city.

The festival has been designed to showcase the cultures of these tribes as well as make them feel that they are part of a larger society. Members of these tribes are urged to participate in events that are created to at least allow them to feel that they are just the same as anyone else.

These events also try to depict the way these tribes celebrate, their kind of food and other aspects of their day-to-day lives. One aspect that should be part of these activities is their way of entertaining outsiders because it is in this way that they can educate people how they provide the highest respect to their visitors and that they must also accorded with the same.

However, some people have also taken advantage of the festival by making it a commercial event. Malls, companies and what-have-you have come up with their own events that ride on it. Of course, no one can blame them; people with entrepreneurial mindset would always look for ideas that they can take advantage of and turn these ideas into profit-making initiatives.

However, it would be better to look into whether the tribes have at least benefited from the festival because, in the first place, this is theirs.

The festival, instead of just showcasing what these people are or what they have become, it would have been better to offer them things that would benefit their existence, that will help them wade through the uncertainties of the future.

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