EDITORIAL| High people’s rating

MAYOR Sara Duterte enjoys the trust and confidence of Davaoenos and her programs are well appreciated as shown in the recent survey of the Institute of Popular Opinion of the University of Mindanao.

The survey regarding people’s assessment of the local government showed the current administration is generally perceived as inclusive, meaning people from varying socio-economic status, age and gender believe in the leadership of the mayor.

Those who are highly educated gave her the highest score of 92 percent and the rest gave a high 90 percent average, or a near superior rating for her leadership.

The survey questions were based on her State of the City Address last Sept. 12 where she iterated the Byaheng DO30, a 3-year initiative of at least 30 doable projects that has started since she assumed office in 2016.

She said security and sustainable development can be achieved if poverty incidence will be reduced, if a strong human resource base composed of skilled and educated workforce is available and if globally competitive businesses thrive.

Respondents also gave recommendations for the local government to possibly look into. The most common are: 1) more attention to far-flung barangays (information, budget and continuation of started projects) ; 2) improve traffic situation through road widening and coastal road and rationalization of space for street vendors ; 3) computerization of government system; 4) easy-to-comply requirements for scholarship; 5) support to senior citizens; 6) subsidy to small farmers; 7) improvement of drainage; 8) reliable water supply and putting up water supply in Marilog; 9) support to health centers through provision of equipment; 10) support to micro enterprises and more livelihood trainings for the unemployed and non-working mothers; 11) concern for the street-dwellers, i.e the beggars and children.

The DO30 projects as benchmark for her administration are seeing the light of day and optimism runs high that these could be achievable before her term ends.

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