EDITORIAL| Heartless

IT IS always fine if a government agency is run like a private company for as long as this pertains to the speed of transactions that will benefit its clientele.

However, the mechanism must not also compromise the integrity of the transactions and ensure that the people supervising the system cannot corrupt it.

What is appalling is when an agency acts like a corporation as it tries to threaten its poor clients by compelling them to pay their obligations even when they are hard put to make both ends meet. This is not to say that they must be allowed to be complacent in dealing with their obligations as most often than not, these people are mindful of these obligations that they make them their priorities.

For example, when a government agency assigns a job to a call center company to threaten its poor clients just so it can collect their dues.

The agency is no different from a credit card company that uses call center agents to force people to pay their dues by not only using foul language but also threatening them with everything these agents can think of.

The irony is that the government cannot do the same to those big companies that do not pay correct taxes.

It is always easier for an agency to determine whether the poor person is negligent of his or her obligations because a track record is always available at its disposal. Threatening the client only shows how heartless those behind the mechanism have become.

A government agency that does this to a poor client, especially if the person is known for paying his debt and only that he or she is finding some problems, is doing a disservice not only to the person but to itself in general.

Government agencies are supposed to be compassionate in their dealings because they are created to help the people, not to make them suffer depression.

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