EDITORIAL| Health post holiday

AS we start to settle down and go back to our routine after the hectic pace of the holiday season, most of us are feeling the effects of the hearty indulgence of the past month. Weight gain during the holidays is real and for those who have health concerns, medical lab test results could be discouraging.

There are yet no statistics on the impact of the dining and merrymaking last Christmas to our health but we can surmise that the most popular personal New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym and eat healthy at the start of the new year.

This is not just about looking good but more on keeping bad cholesterol at bay, ensuring blood sugar levels are within normal range, maintaining a healthy heart – all of which require losing weight and reducing the waistline.

Doctors have reminded us not to indulge too much during the holidays as the number of cases of hypertension and other diseases usually increase at this time of the year. Proper diet and exercise, plus enough sleep may be easier said than done for most of us. Some might want to visit doctors just to be sure everything is working in proper order.

We could not afford to be sick. It may be trite but truly, prevention is better than cure. Rather than spend money on treatment, it is better to watch what we eat and follow a healthy lifestyle.

This should be the personal goal of every Filipino.


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