EDITORIAL| Have a safe Christmas

THE FIRE that razed houses in Zone 5, Km 11, Sasa that affected 700 families last Friday, is an accident we don’t want to happen again especially with the Christmas season fast approaching.

We should be very cautious now in choosing Christmas lights and decors to ensure a safe celebration of the yuletide season with the family. We are reprinting some reminders on how to prevent electrical accidents from happening at home from Davao Light and Power Company.

Protect yourself. Always be on the look out for fallen power lines, bare wires, or any power cord which may cause electrocution upon contact. Always assume that these lines are live and potentially dangerous. Keep clear by a distance of 10 feet from overhead wires and avoid touching anything that is in direct contact with power lines such as ladders, especially when putting up those Christmas parols.

Check everything. Check each set of lights before plugging them in. If they are not new, chances are they may be broken, frayed or some of its bulbs may have already burned out. Check as well the wattage of your replacement bulb and make sure it is of the same wattage.

Examine what you purchase. When buying new Christmas lights, make sure that they have authentic Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) stickers either on their boxes or on the wires. You should also see to it that the labels on the box include the name, address and trademark of the importer or the distributor of the Christmas lights. These precautions will assure you of products that passed the electrical safety tests.

The safest way to avoid electrical accidents is to have accredited electricians handle electrical problems beyond your fixing knowledge and skills. Making sure that your wirings at home are properly maintained is the best way to keep your house safe from possible fire and electrical disasters.

These steps may take a few more minutes of your time when you shop or decide on your holiday decors but will keep your home and family safe from the harm that neglect may bring.

Have a safe Christmas!

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