EDITORIAL| Flower power

AT THE agri trade fair and exhibit at SM City Ecoland during the Kadayawan,  a vast array of plants in all sizes and shapes, including the popular succulents,  on display were not only pleasing to the eye but took away the stress of beating the traffic and moving from point A to B. Just watching orchid blooms proudly swaying on thin wires suspended on stalls can make one sigh with pleasure.

 Such is the power of flowers and plants.

 The connection between a garden and man’s peace of mind has been often spoken with much affection by those who long for gentler days. Most of the retirees or those who look forward to retirement, dream of nurturing a garden or be involved in farming to fill their days after years of working hard in offices.

 In Poland, this connection is used to help the elderly cope with ailments including mental health. Wire agency Agence France Presse, recently released a story about an institution in Poland using gardens as therapy for those who are ill or who are way past their prime.

 “Gardens provide an environment that stimulates many senses; the patient can smell the scents of flowers and plants, touch them, and even get pricked by thorns,” biological scientist Bozena Szewczyk-Taranek was quoted as saying in the report.

 Among the benefits are physical exercises including walking barefoot to feel the pebbles, picking leaves and just walking around smelling the roses, so to speak, to boost general well-being and stimulate the senses.

 It is not difficult for us to grow plants in our backyard or even in pots, as the case maybe. We are blessed with fair weather all year round and sturdy plants that can withstand the occasional typhoons and heavy rains. Starting a small garden goes a long way in easing stress at the end of the day.

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