EDITORIAL| Flooding woes

THE WEATHER has been acting up of late with the scorching heat during day time and rains that cause flooding at night. Since the rains start early evening when students and workers leave school and workplace, they inevitably have to bear the downpour as they wait for a ride home.

There were times in the past weeks that commuters have to wade in floodwaters to reach areas where they can look for a ride. Some have to walk half way home wet before finding some sort of transportation.

Monday night was no different. Heavy rains fell early evening causing flooding in most major thoroughfares. Worst hit by the flood were Barangays 19-B in Poblacion District; Bucana, Matina Aplaya, Matina Crossing, Matina Pangi, Catalunan Grande, Talomo Proper (Bangkal), all in Talomo District; Panacan (Malagamot), Ilang, Bunawan Proper, all in Bunawan District and Mandug in Buhangin District.

The City Disaster Risk Response and Disaster Management Office (CDRRMO) reported 295 families affected by the flood.

Photos of flooding from Hurricane Irma in Florida, USA and Typhoon Maring in Luzon compete with the flooded streets of Davao.

We should not accept this situation as the new normal. Maybe we need to think out of the box solutions to this constant flooding. The drainage system has continually been under construction but many complain that floodwaters are getting worse. Maybe we need to look at best practices of other cities or countries that share the same geographic profile as Davao. Maybe improving the drainage is no longer enough especially when the heavy rains coincide with high tide.

There should be no let-up in thinking of ways to stop flooding in the city. People’s safety and security will always be in peril if we allow this to go on as usual.

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