Editorial: Decisive steps

The incident last Monday that saw the arrest of an official of the Sangguniang Kabataan for using illegal drugs is never an isolated case.
Based on the report, a member of the village youth council was arrested as he and several others were allegedly doing a pot session.
This prompted the representative of the government-initiated youth organization to the city council, Jaffar Marohomsalic, to push for the drug test among its officials and that appropriate actions must be taken on those who will be found using illegal drugs.
Actually, the problem involving the organization is just a tip of the iceberg in relation to the involvement of the people in government in both the illegal drug use and illegal drug peddling. President Rodrigo R. Duterte, since his assumption to office, has been brandishing a thick folder containing the list of those government officials supposedly involved in the illegal trade.
The President has also embarked on deadly and intensified campaign against those behind the illegal activity even if the so-called human rights groups have been calling for his head.
Aside from continuing the fight using the police might against those involved in the crime, and in order to at least slowly cleanse the bureaucracy, not only should public officials undergo drug tests, those who are applying to become leaders of bureaucracy must be required to undergo these examinations in the most transparent manner possible.
Nipping the problem in the bud is what needs to be done. And it must be done now especially because elections are fast approaching.

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