EDITORIAL| Continue the 4S habit

THE DENGUE vaccine , rolled out by the Department of Health this year, only serves to mitigate the infection of the dengue virus especially on children and does not promise more than that.  It will still be the community’s effort in fighting the dengue-carrying mosquito that will keep the people safe from dengue infections.

The virus that causes dengue fever and Zika, which has become a worldwide concern in recent months, are carried by the Aedes mosquito.  This mosquito is identified by its distinctive black and white stripes on its body. Getting rid of the Aedes mosquito requires the 4S habit: Search and destroy mosquito breeding places,  practice Self-protection, Seek early consultations for fevers, and to say yes to fogging. It could easily be avoided at home by frequently checking and removing stagnant water in flower pots, ornamental containers and plant axils.

Davao City is not among the pilot areas provided with the vaccine. The department has already vaccinated at least one million 9-year-old school children in government schools in the National Capital Region, Region III (Central Luzon), and Region IV-A (Calabarzon).

DOH-XI regional director Abdullah Dumama Jr. said that cases of dengue in the  region has increased compared with last year’s figures.  Over 900 cases of dengue have been recorded in the Davao Region since February, almost twice the number of cases reported last year over the same period. There were also deaths recorded in Bunawan and Buhangin.

Since the vaccine won’t be available in the region this year, continued vigilance is necessary to prevent the infection of dengue in communities.

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