EDITORIAL| Concrete actions

RIDDING the police units of scalawags has been among the battlecry of any top police official since God knows when.

However, members of the police forces of the country have continued to be involved in top criminal activities, while others have been accused of accumulating wealth that they can hardly explain. Take the case of top policeman Allan Purisima who, of late, has been asked to explain where he got his wealth.

The statement of Supt. Antonino Rivera that the police leadership in the region has been filing cases against its members may be true, but many of those who were charged or arrested were those who belonged to the rank-and-file. like the case of a policeman who allegedly informed a friend about a raid that resulted in the escape of the suspect.

This is not say, however, that top officials of the police are involved in illegal activities. But the fact is that many of these officials occupying the top positions need also to explain their wealth like Purisima because the trust of the public in law enforcers can only be revived if a no-nonsense action is taken to cleanse the police force.

For the public to trust the police or any of the law enforcement units, there must an institutional mechanism that will look into the lifestyles of the officials because this is the only way to prove that someone is clean.

Mere statements can never restore the trust; only concrete massive actions can bring back the confidence of the public in the law enforcers.

Purisima, who has received so much flak lately because of the supposed unexplained wealth and for admitting donations, and other members of the top brass of both the police and other law enforcement units must themselves to a comprehensive lifestyle check and face the consequences if found to have committed irregularities.

Otherwise, the public will always perceive any statements as mere lip service.

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