Editorial: Comprehensive scheme

The city is gearing up for the upcoming Kadayawan sa Dabaw when all roads practically lead to its center.

But even before the event could be launched, which is scheduled for tomorrow, the city center has been very congested owing to several road repairs as well as the implementation of the underground cabling project.

The situation has been aggravated by the seeming “malfunctioning” of some traffic light systems.

The horrendous traffic is not only felt in the city center, but even in areas which used to be considered as remote but have become central business districts with the setting up of malls and the mushrooming of housing projects.

Based on the data from government agencies in 1997, the number of vehicles grew annually by 10% but there were no new roads to accommodate the growth, although lately there have been new projects including those that are expected to unburden the city center of vehicles.

Come next week, the traffic at the city center is expected to worsen as activities of the festival are expected to draw the public to its center.

The city government, particularly the City Transport and Traffic Management Office must come up with a comprehensive traffic scheme that will at least ease the travel time within the center. This must be coupled with a massive information campaign so that the people will be informed on alternative routes to take.

Another option is for those organizing the activities to hold these events in venues outside the center so that the congestion will be lessened. Unless a better planning is done, as well as a better information system is implemented, complaints are to be expected.

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