EDITORIAL| Challenge accepted

THE DAVAO City Water District (DCWD) has always insisted that the water quality in subdivisions and communities in Barangay Cabantian is safe to drink. The assurance came following numerous complaints of yellowish and murky liquid that drains from everybody’s faucet.

Apparently, the tinged color is caused by the pipelines that remained unused for over a year, apart from the minerals like manganese and iron transmitted by the water from the ground.

But it’s regularly cleaned with chlorine so there are no disease-carrying bacteria in the water, at least that’s what the DCWD is saying. But how do you satisfy skeptical consumers?

The fear is understandable. In developing countries, water-borne diseases are among the leading causes of death especially among young children whose immunity has not fully developed. According to the press statement by World Health Organization published January 2016, water-borne diseases pose a clear and present danger to seven million Filipinos.

That’s just a trickle in the bucket, however, when you consider that there are 1.5 billion who have no access to clean water worldwide.

Now here comes the challenge from the legislators for DCWD to walk the talk. Or in this case, prove to everybody that the water in Cabantian is indeed safe for drinking. It’s good that officials of the utility company have accepted the dare, if only to ease the fears of consumers for the time being.

A few weeks or months from now, this little stunt will have been forgotten when all the debris has been flushed out of the pipes, and clear water will eventually come out of the spigot.

Until then, a little show-and-tell is necessary. Maybe each of the DCWD officials drinking a liter of the yellowish water will do the trick?

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