EDITORIAL| Caring for our senior citizens

IN 2010, the city passed the Older Person’s Welfare Ordinance to enable senior citizens to be represented in the barangays and for them to avail of services from the city. Four years after it was passed, the implementing rules and regulations of the ordinance has yet to be approved.

The IRR is needed so that provisions of the law especially on senior citizen’s representation to the barangay level can be implemented.

The proponent of the ordinance, Councilor Leo Avila, cited the importance of an information campaign at the barangay level for senior citizens to secure their OSCA card and avail of government assistance. They have contributed much to the economic life of the city when they were younger and it is only right that they reap the benefits now that they are in their golden years.

Life expectancy in the country has changed over the years due to better access to health and more information on proper health and well-being. Today, women are expected to live up to 72 years and males up to 67. While we are still considered as a “young” country, meaning there is still a wide younger set, there are increasingly more people who will be in the senior year bracket and would therefore need government support.

Even if most of them have retired from their profession, their expertise and wisdom can significantly contribute to the growth of their community. They can only do this if they will have a venue where they can express themselves.

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