Editorial | Better project?

THE PLAN  to modernize the Sasa wharf has long been overdue even as the business sector, through the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., has pushed for its implementation.

In the past, the plan was riddled with controversies, prompting some government officials and business leaders to call for its rejection.
This week, the Philippine Ports Authority revealed that another proposal on its development has received the approval of Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio, and that this time, the budget is just about P6 billion, a third of what was proposed previously but a little bit higher than the P4 billion that the agency proposed several years ago.
Although details on the proposal are not sufficient, the report of this paper said that it will be designed in such a way that big vessels can dock and that a gantry crane can be used.
The proposal that was supposed to be bid out before the end of the Aquino administration, but was eventually shelved because of the opposition, was similar to this new proposal in terms of dimension of vessels that could be accommodated.
Although there is still lack of information as to the extent of the new one, one would wonder why the previous one carried a very huge price tag.
Details of the latest proposal should be provided to lure the public to support it as transparency is necessary in government endeavors.
The previous project was rejected even when it was supposed to be implemented through the public-private partnership scheme- meaning there will be no fund coming from government – because the proponents failed to enlighten the public on why the budget was so large.
The government must be able to convince the people that this time, this new proposal is better in terms not only of the budget, but of the value for money. This is important especially because Mayor Sara and the business sector have expressed their support to it. The support is important to rally the public to also support it.

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