EDITORIAL | Better platform

A CRACK is slowly taking place and is expected to draw the line between the Senate and the House of Representatives, the two equal parts of Congress.

This is because there is a seeming disagreement between the two bodies on how to deal with the proposal to change the Constitution.

The disagreement is on the insistence of Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez to collapse the two Houses into a single body and vote jointly as a constituent assembly, and the members of the Senate disagree.

Alvarez even has also threatened local government units not supporting the federal form of government proposal that Congress will not provide them budget for their projects.

In the latest report, Senator Panfilo Lacson urged Alvarez and Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III and other leaders of both Houses to iron out their misunderstanding on the issue.

Members of Congress must remember that the two Houses are co-equal and separate entities that one of them cannot be over the other. Disagreements are natural because, aside from the difference in mindset, there is also the difference in motivation.

It will also leave a bad taste in the mouth when government leaders ram down the throat of the people whatever they want without the benefit of consultations. Local government units, like members of Congress, are elected to serve their constituents, not become subservient to other officials who blackmail them.

What members of Congress must do is to provide a good platform for debates on the issue and ensure that everybody, they be for or against the proposal, will be heard. Until this is done, there is no use discussing the issue.


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